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What are the activities performed in test design and test execution?

Test Design:   Based on the requirements analysis, test conditions are written first and an approval is obtained from the QA lead This is the phase of STLC where testing team write down the detailed test cases. Once the test cases are ready then these test cases are reviewed by peer members or QA lead. Once the preparation of Test Case Development and Test Environment setup is completed then test execution phase can be kicked off.

Test Execution:  First of all, the QA team starts executing the test cases.  If the defects were found, the testers would log the defects in the defect tracking tool. Once the bug fixed by development team then same test case can be executed based on your test planning. If any of the test cases are blocked due to any defect then such test cases can be marked as Blocked, so we can get the report based on how many test cases passed, failed, blocked or not run etc. Once the defects are fixed, or  Failed or Blocked test cases can be executed again to retest the functionality

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