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What is the testing process followed in a company ideally?

First of all the Business Requirement Document was prepared as per the client’s requirement. Then on the basis of BRD’s and Use Cases QA Team wrote Test Plans, and Test scenarios.  Test plans review and sign off done by client and Test scenarios will be reviewed by track lead.

Then after RTM (Requirement Traceability matrix) is done for Test scenarios’. Here we will check whether we have covered all the scenarios for the requirements.

Then after we start writing test cases. After TL review and signoff will start executing test cases. Build will get deployed to different testing environments where different types of testing were performed. Once the defects were found, the testers would log the defect in the defect tracking tool. Once the defects are logged, then those defects would be discussed in the defect status meeting and would take further actions (meaning, closing, reopening, retesting of defects etc).

When all the defects get closed and 100% execution is completed then UAT (User Acceptance Test) is done and get signoff from business and approval to deploy it in production environment. Thus our job is finished. After successful go live. We will be have SESSION’S LEARNED among the team members (including PM, TL, Team), where how many bugs we found, which type of bugs(priority, severity), how should we take care in further release are discussed.

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